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Bietrun Wireless XLR Transmitter Receiver,UHF 100ft to 230ft Range,30 Adjustable

Bietrun Wireless XLR Transmitter Receiver,UHF 100ft to 230ft Range,30 Adjustable

  • 100 ft to 230 ft Stable Transmission Range:●The XLR wireless microphone system operates on the UHF frequency band, providing a reliable indoor transmission range of up to 100ft/50m and an outdoor range of up to 230ft/70m.●Additional Technical Specifications: Frequency Stability: <0.002%. Sensitivity: 2mV. Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >95dB. Interference Rejection Ratio: >90dB.
  • 30 Adjustable Channels:●30 Adjustable Channels: To change the channel (when powered on) and prevent interference, simply press the transmitter's power button twice. (Please ensure usage within legally designated signal bands with a US FCC ID.) ●Supports simultaneous use of 20-30 wireless XLR receiver and transmitter systems, ensuring each system operates on distinct channels.
  • Rechargeable and Long-Time Working:●Both the wireless microphone transmitter and receiver feature built-in 1000mAh rechargeable lithium batteries, offering 8 hours of operation with just a 3-hour full charge. ●The included 2-in-1 charging cable allows simultaneous charging of both the transmitter and receiver.
  • Use Multiple Sets At the Same Time: ●Channel Lock:●1. Turn off the receiver and transmitter. 2. Turn on the receiver only. 3. Keep pressing the receiver’s switch turn on to ID SYNC is displayed. 4. Wait for the receiver and transmitter to connect automatically.(●When using multiple wireless XLR systems simultaneously, each set must be assigned a unique locked channel, and the channel numbers cannot be the same.)
  • Easy to Use:●Both the receiver and transmitter come with XLR plugs and an included XLR to 6.35mm adapter.●Compatible with a wide range of microphones, including dynamic mics, harmonic microphones, audio mixers, PA systems, active loudspeakers, preamplifiers, DSLR cameras, and more, such as Shure SM58/7B/MV7/SM57, Sennheiser E 945/835/935, Audio-Technica 2020/2040/2035 series, and many others.●Ideal for various settings, including venues, weddings, and mobile DJ setups.
  • Receiver with Bluetooth:●You can use your smartphone, smart TV, tablet, or laptop to the receiver via Bluetooth. Then, simply plug the receiver into a speaker or another device with an XLR or 6.35mm interface to play music. ●This receiver and transmitter combo can also function as a wireless XLR transmission cable, liberating you from the constraints of traditional XLR cables. (●Please note: When used for audio transmission, switching the receiver to audio mode is essential.)


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