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Bietrun WXM02 wireless microphone cannot be paired, what should I do?

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Usually we buy the microphone of bietrun, but we may encounter the situation that it cannot be used and there is no sound. What should I do?

Please watch the video, if the microphone still does not work after following the steps in the video, please contact us. Email:


Method 1: Be sure to use a speaker, power amplifier or mixer with MIC input. This is what you must confirm. For the MIC input interface, I have given some examples, please see the picture.

XLR interface and 6.35mm interface 2in1

6.35mm or 1/4'' interface

Usually these interfaces appear on power amplifiers, mixers, large PA speakers, and karaoke machines. Be sure to check whether these interfaces are available, otherwise they cannot be used.


These mics come with a portable receiver and are rechargeable, but each mic requires AA batteries, I recommend Amazon AA batteries, which are cheap and of good quality.


What if the interface and microphone cannot be paired? Unable to connect, how should we troubleshoot and restore normal use.

  1. In order for the wireless microphone to work properly, charge the receiver for 3 hours after receiving the product before using it.

  2. If the sound is small, please press the key to increase the sound (8-12 level)

Quick Troubleshooting:

●1.Make sure you have enough power for the mic and receiver.

●2.Connecting equipment with MIC input, not other interfaces.

●3.If you find no sound from one or both mic, you need to re-pair.

1.Turn off the receiver and mic.

2. Open the mic battery cap.

3. Press and hold the mic(HI LO)button for 10s+ until the display channel flashes.

4. Quick turn on receiver, wait for the mic channel display to stop flashing, and the blue light of the receiver is always on, ready to use.

Please note:

  • The two microphone channels have different channel numbers.

Usually most devices will automatically recognize the microphone, but some devices may require MIC mode

If the microphone is not available, you need to contact bietrun.

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Unknown member
Feb 02, 2023

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Just after 3 month not pairing nor working. What can be done please

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